About Us

The core of Northern Events is a tightly knit team of entrepreneurs, actors and filmmakers. We have, among other things, participated in national and international television successes, played on the Royal Dramatic scenes and together with Hollywood stars, written music to some of Europe’s top artists and directed countless award-winning music videos.

Together we have more than 80 years of solid experience in the industry called Showbiz.

All of us have worked for other event agencies and from that has sprung a burning desire to bring new experiences to the market, that will meet your demands of excellent quality. 

Because quality is one of our key words, our events are only performed by trained actors, singers, musicians, dancers, photographers and other professionals in their specific fields.

We look forward to enhancing your kick-off, your product launch, your parties, or your existence in general.


The Dream Trio

Incredibly popular mood raising music trio of song, piano and saxophone for the smaller audience and a closer experience.

Movie Making

Are you the business leader who wants to perpetuate your kick-off, or have you always dreamed of being an actor in a real movie?

Pop Up Art

Are you pondering how to surprise your collegues in the spring party, or your daughter during her prom? Ponder no more.

Champagne Tasting

Classic wine tasting or unconventional Rock 'n' Roll beer tasting accompanied by selected goodies and live music. Great atmosphere is promised.

Bachelorette Party

The reason we are experts in bachelorette parties is probably due to the fact that we are all so weak for... Love. Let us organize the entire day or a part of it.

Your Wish is our Command

Please feel free to tell us what you are looking for and we will do everything in our power to customize an event to your wishes.